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How to Choose a Best Copper Die Casting Manufacturer?

Author: YiNuo Zhang
Published on: 2024-03-26

“The result of your die-casted copper parts ultimately depends on the credibility and capabilities of the manufacturer that handles your design. Therefore, research and consider different factors to choose the manufacturer for your project.”

Among the several manufacturing approaches to shaping copper, Die-casting is renowned for creating strong copper parts in large volumes. It involves injecting the molten copper into a die(die-casting mold) that replicates the geometry of the desired part on solidifying.

There are numerous copper die-casting firms across the countries with different capabilities and offerings. Therefore, it is quite challenging to find the best copper die-casting manufacturer that can provide value for your money!

In this article, we will cover various aspects of copper die casting and how to choose the best manufacturers according to your casting requirements and intend end-use of design at low cost.


Copper at Glance

Copper is a soft metal known for its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance, and mechanical strength.

Table: Properties of Copper. Source 




Melting point





x 10³ kg/m³

Thermal expansion coefficient


x 10⁻⁶ per °K

Thermal conductivity

305 – 355


Specific heat capacity



Electrical conductivity (annealed)

75 – 90


Electrical resistivity (annealed)

0.0192 – 0.0230

microhm-m at 20°C

Modulus of elasticity



Modulus of rigidity




Furthermore, copper also offers the freedom to customize the properties depending on the requirement of casted copper parts. This freedom comes from copper’s flexibility to form alloys with other metals, such as zinc, tin, and aluminum. 

Adding those alloying metals to copper allows us to achieve the desired level of properties like hardness, strength, corrosion resistance, etc.

Table: Copper Grades for Die Casting 


Die Casting Application 


Door knobs, lighting, locks, etc. 


Ship propellers, underwater housings, fittings, pump components, and valve bodies. 


Electrical connectors, circuit breaker parts, terminal blocks, transformer components, and switchgear contacts. 


Offshore drilling equipment, marine engine parts, marine pumps, etc. 


Heat sinks, welding tips, automotive radiators, etc. 


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What is Copper Die Casting?

Copper is a soft metal with several grades available for manufacturing purposes. So, different copper alloys are moldable into to desired shape with die casting. The copper die-casting mechanism involves melting and forcing the liquid copper into the die at high pressure, then ejecting it after solidification. 

Traditional copper casting

However, many other steps and arrangements are essential for copper die-casting projects. For example, die (or mold) designing and machining, heating furnace or chamber, pressure and temperature control, etc.

1. Die Design and Manufacturing

The copper casting process starts with the creation of the die-casting mold. The die contains cavities, which are negative geometry of the required part. First, the 3D design of the mold must specify the dimensions, tolerances, finish of cavities wall, and other related information.

Furthermore, CNC machining and EDM are two typical methods for die-casting mold or die machining. These technologies can craft the intricate details of cavities with precision. Meanwhile, tool steel is a popular material for the copper die-casting mold. 

After machining, the mold might require post-processing like heat treatment or surface finishing.

2. Die casting Set Up

Next, install mold into the die-casting machine and check other arrangements like the control unit and ejection mechanism. Use Cold Chamber Die Casting since copper has a high melting point. In a cold chamber, raw copper material is separately melted in a furnace not attached to the machine.

3. Forcing the Molten Copper Into the Die

The molten copper now goes into the mold. Here, maintaining the injection pressure is essential to ensure its easy flow inside the mold. The injecting pressure typically ranges from 10 to 175 MPA.

4. Cooling and Solidification

After injection, the molten copper fills the mold cavities and captures the shape. After cooling it to room temperature, you can eject the part from the mold and subject it to further processing.

5. Machining and Surface Finishing 

The ejected part contains burrs, flash, or excess material at the gate and runner. So, machining is essential to remove that unwanted material and match the exact specifications. Meanwhile, surface finishing processes like bead blasting and electro-coating are applied to achieve the desired smoothness and appearance. 

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What to Consider While Choosing a Copper Die Casting Manufacturer?

Since selection affects the different aspects of your project,  such as quality, time, and cost, considering various factors while choosing the copper die casting is key to your project’s success. 

So, here are the critical considerations you can apply while deciding which manufacturer you want to partner with.

1. Technical Capabilities

First, look at what kind of die-casting equipment manufacturers have. It with advanced control and can handle your requirements, such as size, weight, tolerance, and production speed. Also, check whether they have machining facilities for die creation or not.

2. Design Consultation

The manufacturers often offer design support before finalizing the 3D model of the die and part. If your manufacturer does this, you will get valuable insights to optimize your part design for die casting.

3. Material Options

The manufacturer should have the option for the copper alloys or grade you need for your product. Check their material page and ensure that.

4. Communication

Another factor is communication with manufacturers and engineers. Regular and responsive communication between the production team and the client helps to overcome the possible challenges and complete the project within the timeline. 

So, your manufacturer must have a solid team dedicated to communication regarding the progress or status of production.

5. Quality Assurance

It is the most important consideration since quality directly affects the performance of casted parts or products. First, analyze how they handle quality control, and how advanced is process control and monitoring systems.

Next, check the ISO certification also and ensure you can hire a third-party quality assurance team to overview your project or not.

6. Delivery Time and Logistics

Consider the expected delivery time offered by the manufacturer, and whether they handle logistics or not. Any delay and hidden costs can have significant impacts on your project.

7. Testimonials & References

Lastly, check the references and testimonials of past customers from the manufacturer. I will give you more precise insights into their experience and overall satisfaction.


The Cost Consideration to Choose the Best Copper Die Casting Manufacturer

So, if you consider the above factors and the manufacturers meet all of your requirements and are suitable according to those factors, it’s time to consider the cost and find out which one is the most cost-effective.

Copper alloy die-casting part

You can compare the cost and other aspects by sending the request for a quotation. Almost every die-casting manufacturer’s online portal contains a quotation page where you can upload your design and ask for a detailed quote elaborating on how much your Copper Alloy Die Casting costs.

In this, stage it is suggested to make a short-list of manufacturers and request for a quote from all of them. It will give you a broader view of the true cost of copper casting. Moreover, the cost also varies on geographical location. For example, the China Die casting services are less expensive than in the US or other Western countries. 


The Best Copper Die Casting Company and Your Requirements

One critical point during the selection of a Copper Die Casting Company is what are your casting requirements? It is impossible to figure out which company is best unless you know what exactly you need or expect from the die-casting company.

For example, a small company with a Die casting setup could be best for simple and structural copper parts. 

Define Your Project :

  • Complexity of Design( intricate features on the design)
  • The material choice ( Which copper grade?)
  • Desired precision level & surface finish 
  • Size and detail dimensions 

So, deciding which Copper Die Casting Company is best is deeply connected with the design specifications, intended use, and desired tolerances.


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The Quote Comparison from Different Manufacturer

You get accurate pricing information with detailed quotes of Copper Die die-casting design. But, the quote contains a lot of other information like cost breakdown, material options, and lead time. So, here is a better illustration showing how you can compare quotes from different manufacturers.

Table: Comparison Metrix for Copper Die Casting Cost 

Comparison Criteria Notes/Questions Manufacturer A Manufacturer B Manufacturer C
Unit Price Does the price include all necessary operations?      
Material Costs Are materials specified and priced correctly?      
Tooling Costs Is the tooling cost upfront?      
Setup Fees Are there any additional setup fees?      
Minimum Order Volume  Minimum order, and how does it affect pricing?      
Lead Time How do their lead times compare, and do they meet your project timeline?      
Post-Processing Services Are finishing, machining, or assembly included?      
Shipping Costs Are logistics and shipping costs included or separate?      
Payment Terms What are the payment expectations and terms?      
Flexibility and Scalability Can they accommodate changes or scale production if needed?      


The Signs of A Best Copper Die Casting Manufacturer 

The following are the bonus tips for you as signs of the best copper die-casting manufacturer. These signs indicate that there is a high possibility you are choosing a reliable manufacturing partner. 

  • Quality certifications such as ISO 9001, FDA-approved material, etc, indicate a commitment to quality assurance. 
  • Own a die-casting factory with advanced machinery and a skilled labor force.
  • Specified tolerances on the service page. 
  • Experience in related projects or industry. For example, if you need die-cast electrical connectors, it is best that the manufacturer already has experience collaborating with different electrical manufacturing companies.
  • Transparency in quote information such as lead time, overall die-casting cost, shipping arrangement, etc.
  • The scalability options, from prototyping to large-volume manufacturing.
  • Client-centric communication and rapid responsiveness.
  • Focus on environmentally friendly manufacturing approaches and waste management. 


ProleanTech Die Casting Services: Cast your Copper Parts 

If you are looking to cast your copper parts from the best die-casting manufacturer, ProleanTech Could be a better option for you. Prolean has more than a decade of experience in handling complex die-casting projects, from custom machinery parts to advanced automotive engine blocks. 

  • 10+ Copper Grades 
  • Advanced AI Monitoring for Quality Control
  • Own a Machining Facility for Die Manufacturing
  • A dedicated team of engineers to handle casting projects
  • Precise Die casted copper parts, yet affordable

Die casting service

Moreover, our design consultation might help you to optimize the cost and performance of your product. So, send us your design and request a quote today!

Read more:


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Summing Up

The overall success of your idea or design depends on which manufacturer handles your die-casting design. Meanwhile, you can select the Best Copper Die Casting Manufacturer based on your requirements. There are a few considerations and comparison criteria to decide which one is best on both quality and price.

Thus, consider factors like capabilities, lead time, cost-effectiveness, design support, etc., and choose the manufacturer accordingly! 



Can you Die-cast copper?

Yes, copper and its alloys can be die-cast, benefiting from excellent thermal and electrical characteristics. 

What is Copper Die Casting?

It is an efficient manufacturing process where molten copper is injected into a metal mold to make the desired shape. 

Which is the best Die Casting Manufacturer in China?

The “best” manufacturer can vary based on specific needs, but high-quality ones include Foxconn and Dynacast for their technology and breadth of services.

What are the Considerations for Choosing the Best Copper Die Casting Manufacturer?

Consider their experience, technology, quality control, production capabilities, and client testimonials when choosing a manufacturer.

Is Production Volume Affect the Die Casting Cost?

Yes, larger production volumes typically lower the per-unit cost due to economies of scale in die casting.



Maina, M. R., Okamoto. (2018). Influence of Surface State in Micro-Welding of Copper by Nd: YAG Laser. Applied Sciences, 8(12), 2364. https://doi.org/10.3390/app8122364


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