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Simple parts such as prototypes can be guaranteed to be quoted within 24 hours. Complex parts such as molds will be completed within 48 hours. Submit your quote request today and a specified engineer will immediately review your parts directly.

3D file Type

Please preferably use STEP, IGES, SLDPRT format for uploading 3D files. Note that STL files can only be used in the quotation stage, we do not recommend STL files in the production stage.

2D Drawings

We highly recommend sending separate PDF Engineering Drawings for each part. Annotated screenshots can sometimes be accepted. Please indicate any threaded holes, critical dimensions and tolerances. Please communicate material and finishing requirements (if applicable).

How to communicaate your

To communicate quantity, materials and finishes it is easiest to follow the format below:

3x GIM-PRO-001-00 – Stainless Steel 316 – As machined
5x GIM-PRO-002-01 – Al6061 – Sand Blasted and Anodised Clear

If you have many parts, it can be easier to create a BOM to communicate your needs and upload it when requesting a quote.

We are always happy to speak with you and welcome any questions or inquiries. For further information please email or drop a message by filling out the form.

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