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Our Rapid Prototyping service provides cutting-edge accuracy with dimensional tolerances of ±0.05mm, harnessing advanced 3D printing and CNC machining technologies. We cater to a vast spectrum of industries, bringing ideas to life within days across a selection of over 250 high-performance materials.

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Rapid Prototyping Services

Prototype CNC machining is a standout feature of CNC technology, boasting numerous advantages and diverse uses. It’s an exceptional method, allowing for the creation of small prototype batches swiftly. Crucially, CNC prototype machining crafts functional components with impressive accuracy, regardless of the material in play.

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Rapid CNC Machining Service

CNC machining stands out as the go-to solution for rapid prototyping of both plastic and metal components. With pinpoint accuracy and swift turnaround times, we can bring your prototypes to life with unparalleled detail.

TYPE Tolerance
Linear dimension +/- 0.025 mm (+/- 0.001 inch)
Hole diameters (not reamed) +/- 0.025 mm (+/- 0.001 inch)
Shaft diameters +/- 0.025 mm (+/- 0.001 inch)
Part size limit 950 * 550 * 480 mm(37.0 * 21.5 * 18.5 inch)
Lead Time As fast as 1 day

Rapid Injection Molding

Our Rapid Injection Molding service offers a fast and precise solution for your production needs. Using advanced technology, we efficiently turn designs into high-quality parts, ideal for both prototyping and mass production. Trust us to deliver consistent and timely results.

TYPE Tolerance
Mold cavity tolerances ±0.05 mm
Part-to-part repeatability ±0.1 mm
Production grade 1-100,000 cycles
Lead Time 15 business days or less

Rapid Sheet Metal Fabrication

Harness the speed of our Rapid Sheet Metal Fabrication service. Leveraging advanced machinery, we transform your designs into high-quality parts with unmatched efficiency. Ideal for time-sensitive prototypes and projects. Your design, our expertise, was executed swiftly.

TYPE Tolerance
Edge to edge, single surface / Edge to hole, single surface / Hole to hole, single surface +/- 0.005 inch
Bend to edge / hole, single surface +/- 0.010 inch
Edge to feature, multiple surface / Over formed part, multiple surface +/- 0.030 inch
Bend angle +/- 1°

Rapid Vacuum Casting

Experience the agility of our Rapid Vacuum Casting service. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we swiftly bring your designs to life, ensuring both quality and precision. Perfect for detailed prototypes and limited-run parts. Your vision, is crafted with precision, in record time.

TYPE Tolerance
Maximum build size +/- 0.025 mm (+/- 0.001 inch)
Standard lead time Up to 20 parts in 15 days or less
Dimensional accuracy ±0.05 mm
Layer thickness 1.5mm – 2.5mm

Rapid Prototyping Materials

Metals come in diverse types, each boasting unique physical and chemical attributes. These variations make specific metals more optimal for certain tasks than their counterparts. To create metal prototypes, especially aluminium prototypes, techniques such as CNC machining, Casting, 3D printing, and sheet fabrication are employed.


Brass                    Titanium

Aluminum           Copper

Stainless Steel

Plastics offer a broad spectrum of characteristics, each providing distinct advantages based on their compositional properties. These unique features make certain plastics particularly suitable for specific applications. When it comes to plastic prototyping, methods such as CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, and injection molding are commonly utilized to bring design concepts to tangible reality.

ABS   Nylon (PA)   PC     PVC
PE    HDPE     PS     POM

Rapid Prototype Parts Sample

3 different bead-blasted parts
Part with CNC Glass Bead Blasting


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