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Benefits of Wire EDM Cut-Process, Advantages & Applications

Author: Yaozu Deng
Published on: 2024-04-23

Wire EDM is a non-conventional metal fabrication process known to be an inexpensive, and efficient technique for manufacturing detailed feature parts or products. These machines replicate close-fit patterns and possess few restricted conditions unlike conventional techniques while machining.

In metalworking industries, wire edm machining has gained significant attention due to its high accuracy and precision. Wire EDM can drill even microholes or small dia contours to the hardest metals making it an ideal choice over other conventional techniques. 

Moreover, regardless of material conductivity, and hardness, wire edm helps to cut to shape complicated designs with highly accurate results. It doesn’t require any mechanical force to cut down metals. Additionally, it can cut metals such as; tool steel, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, and other hardest alloy grades of metals without any distortion or deformation. 

This blog post entails critical aspects of wire EDM, its process, applications, benefits, drawbacks, and so much more to know about. 


Wire EDM: What Is it?

Wire EDM, wire-cut EDM, spark eroding, or spark machining, are all a few names for wire EDM machining. It refers to a subtractive manufacturing technique that utilizes high-intensity electric discharge single-strand wire to cut down metals into desired shapes. It is highly accurate and precise for shaping 2, and 3-dimensional shape parts or products with high dimensional stability, and tolerance.

Wire Cut EDM

The wire electrode used is typically controlled by a CNC-guided program to cut to shape materials into the desired configurations. In the process, the intended material, and electrodes are submerged in a dielectric fluid to prevent or remove dirt and sparks from flying respectively. Moreover, the process is widely applicable in automotive, medical, electronic, aerospace, and die & tooling industries for the creation of dies and molds for injection molding, metal extrusion, and stamping applications.

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Wire EDM Machining: Material Removal Mechanism

The wire EDM or non-contact process is similar to EDM machining. As the name implies, it uses a thin wire with a diameter of 0.010’’ to remove unwanted material. The wire-cut process is carried out in the following manner given below;

Wire EDM Cut Process

  • Firstly, an appropriate material and electrode selection is made.
  • Then, the workpiece, and tool electrode are cleaned and submerged in a dielectric fluid, most prominently deionized oils or water to flush out impurities during the process.
  • After the fine placement, high spark pulse voltages are created between the electrode and the job material. 
  • The intended material is kept in a fixture to keep its position stationary while the electrode is guided through a computerized program across the workpiece in X, and Y planes to cut to shape metal as per the required shape during the cutting process. 
  • The optimal temperature required to vaporize or erode material is around 8000 – 12000º C.


Wire Cut Vs. EDM: Key Differences

Let’s differentiate Wire Cut Vs. EDM. Either, they are the same process, or there are distinctions between them.

Table: Comparative analysis of Wire Cut Vs. EDM

Aspect Wire EDM EDM
Tool utilized Utilizes a thin wire electrode (0.010’’ diameter) Uses a solid tool electrode (e.g., graphite, copper)
Tool & workpiece gap A spark gap between the thin wire and electrode 0.01 to 0.5 mm is maintained by the servo system A thin gap of 0.025mm is maintained by a servo system
Cutting approach Achieves cutting via wire erosion in multiple-axis planes Achieves cutting via spark erosion
Compatible materials Suitable for highly conductive and hard materials with varying thicknesses Primarily suitable for metals with relative thickness up to 44 mm or (1 ½) inch.
Precision levels Offers high precision due to the stranded wire up to 0.004’’. Commonly well suited for more rigid cuts.
Cutting speed Typically operates at a slower pace due to the wire feed rate at 21 mm² /min. Operates at faster cutting speeds
Setup It may involve additional setup complexity due to wire threading Generally requires a simpler setup process

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Benefits of Wire EDM Process

The wire EDM process has several remarkable benefits that set it apart from other conventional techniques. Here are some of the unique advantages of wire EDM machining:

No mechanical force is needed

Wire EDM machining separates itself from other traditional techniques because it works on the principle of heat dissipation rather than mechanical force. Despite this, the end product remains burr and distortion-free by maintaining the material integrity.

Suitable for complex design products

Complex shape EDM cut parts

Creating complicated designs can be difficult through older cutting techniques. However, EDM wire machining has a remarkable capability to shape intricate designs, parts, or products. Moreover, its feasibility of cutting to create holes in hard materials makes it ideal for manufacturing such as automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and medical use parts.

Ability to cut every metal

Wire EDM machining can cut every metal with relative ease. It can cut even the hardest materials including; tungsten, molybdenum, and tool steel. Regardless of material hardness, and conductivity, facilities can take advantage of its peculiar properties to shape every metal into the desired patterns.

Allows more precise cutting

The wire EDM process is accurate and precise. It possesses a great ability to shape 2, and 3-dimensional parts with high precision rates. The best part is it uses wrapping wire instead of electrodes. The wire doesn’t get to wear and tear as the electrode does. That is why, it can cut nearly every metal with varying thicknesses.

Cost Effective Process

EDM machining is typically more economical than other conventional techniques when it comes to large batch productions. The wire EDM process is a non-contact process, which discounts tool wear, and allows more control over hole size and dimensions. Moreover, it produces low material waste and requires no tooling. Thus, it’s financially economical for its peculiar properties.

High Tolerance

Another benefit of wire EDM over the conventional method is its ability to meet exact tolerance or specification requirements. It doesn’t matter the material you bring for cutting. As, by using wire EDM, you can maintain exact part tolerance up to +/- 0.0005″.


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Applications of Wire EDM Process

Certain industries use wire EDM for designing prototypes for mass-scale parts production. Here are some of the industries mentioned below;

Automotive Industry

The use of wire edm in the automotive industry is crucial. The custom automotive parts manufacturing requires sophisticated parts for interior and exterior assemblies. Therefore, wire edm is highly favored to meet these intricate parts requirements. Some common examples include; fuel injectors, dashboards, bumpers, auto doors, and engine valves.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry relies on wire edm machining processes for custom aerospace parts manufacturing. Because aircraft systems require parts with high tolerance, reliability, and thermal resistivity. As a result, the wire EDM process helps to fulfill these fundamental requirements of aerospace industries. A few examples include; turbine, and aero blades, engine parts, and landing gear parts.

Medical Industry

The wire EDM machining anticipates the creation of detailed feature parts for all medical fields; such as; dentistry, dermatology, and optometry. Usually, these miniature-size components need small parts to function properly. Therefore, EDM wire due to its high rates of precision is frequently used in the healthcare industry. 

Tool & Die Industry

Wire EDM Die Making

Custom tools and dies are central parts of creating several industrial products. For example, die casting, forging, injection molding, blanking, extrusion, and all other dies commonly rely on wire EDM. The reason is that cavities of tools and dies are complex to design, and mostly require intricate features. Thereby, wire edm helps to replicate thin-walled patterns of tools and dies.

Electronics Industry

The wire EDM process plays an integral role in manufacturing electronic appliances. It produces tight-fit holes in printed circuit boards(PCBs) and microelectronics, semiconductor parts, and connectors. Moreover, electronic sectors are growing rapidly nowadays. Solar panels are one prominent example of their emergence. As a result, thanks to the wire EDM machine, it creates microchips for solar inverters in this aspect.


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However, achieving tight dimensions and tolerance comes with certain challenges. It requires expertise and precision engineering knowledge to implement. Here at prolean, our facilities have great in-hand experience to meet even more detailed tolerances up to ±0.0002″ (0.005mm). 

Moreover, our facilities offer a wide range of material options such as; aluminum, polymer, copper, steel, and other hardened metals to choose from. From small-quantity prototypes to custom mass production of components, we provide the best in-house facility by ensuring reliability, and preeminence to your projects, all while in shorter runs of time. 

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Summing Up

Wire EDM Machining provides dozens of benefits to manufacturing industries. It has gained significant attention for customizing parts for the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and tooling manufacturing industries. The wire EDM produces parts with minimal tool wear and heat-affected zones which makes it an indispensable fabrication process. 

By using wire EDM machining, machinists can produce microholes and shape intricate prototypes for various applications. Moreover, It is prioritized widely, the reason being, that EDM machining doesn’t require impact or mechanical force to cut down materials. However, there are a few limitations of this process, for instance, limited material options, and setup complexity. Besides these, the wire EDM process is widely favored for its cost-effective and intricacies meeting properties.



Q1. How many types are there of wire EDM?

Usually, three techniques of EDM are widely used for cutting metals. These include;

  • Fast Hole Drilling EDM
  • Sinker EDM
  • EDM-wires
  • WEDM

Q2. What are the ways to optimize the wire EDM machining process?

Here are some useful tips for optimal machining outcomes;

  • Select the right material for the right task.
  • Ensure the proper alignment of the electrode
  • Maintaining an accurate gap between the electrode, and the workpiece.
  • Utilizing high-quality dielectric fluids 

Q3. Which material wires are used in the wire EDM process for cut operation?

The electrode wires come in various metal grades and purposes. The most commonly used wire materials are;  carbide, copper, brass, tungsten, molybdenum, zinc-coated, and diffusion annealed. 

Q4. What metals can a wire edm machine precisely cut?

Wire EDM has great potential to cut all metals despite their hardness and conductivity. For instance; tool steel, titanium, tungsten, austenitic stainless steel, and molybdenum.

Q5. Precision tolerance achieved through wire EDM machines? 

A wire EDM machine is typically capable of achieving tighter tolerance up to 40 millionths of an inch (0.000004”). Further, high precision machines can achieve an accuracy of around 0.000001” and surface roughness of 1.5 Ra.

Q6. Where to find reliable wire edm manufacturers?

China is leading as a provider of high-quality, reliable, manufacturing solutions across the globe because of its cost-effective and high-tech.

Q7. Is wire EDM services available at prolean?

Yes, prolean has the facility of EDM Machining Services for a broad range of materials. 



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