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Revolutionizing Die Casting with Xiaomi’s Super Large Die Casting Technology

Author: YiNuo Zhang
Published on: 2023-12-28

Xiaomi has recently made a groundbreaking advancement in die casting technology, poised to revolutionize industry benchmarks.

In the automotive manufacturing, a groundbreaking advancement has emerged. Xiaomi, a name synonymous with innovation, has recently unveiled a colossal achievement in die casting technology that is set to redefine industry standards. Let’s take a close look of the details of Xiaomi’s super large die casting process, a game-changing technology that stands to reshape the automotive landscape.


Xiaomi’s Super Large Die Casting(Hyper Casting)technology

Xiaomi Super Large Die Casting (Hyper Casting)Machine Front

Tesla 9000t Die Casting Machine

At a recent Xiaomi Automotive Technology press conference, CEO Lei Jun highlighted the growing trend of integrated die casting in the industry, originally popularized by Tesla. Xiaomi, not one to lag in innovation, has embarked on this path with the launch of their “Xiaomi Super Large Die Casting (Hyper Casting)” technology.

This new technology boasts an impressive 9100 tons of force, surpassing even Tesla’s most advanced 9000-ton integrated die casting machine in the United States by a significant 100 tons. Positioned in Xiaomi’s Beijing automotive factory, this equipment weighs a massive 1050 tons and occupies an area of 840 square meters. Its capability to merge 72 individual parts into a single cohesive unit is nothing short of revolutionary.


Innovative Materials: The Titan Alloy

In addition to this groundbreaking machinery, Xiaomi introduced its proprietary high-strength, high-toughness, eco-friendly die-casting material named “Titan Alloy.” This material, utilized in their Xiaomi SU7 model, enables a reduction in welding points by 840, improves noise reduction inside the vehicle by 2dB, lightens the weight by 17%, and enhances crash resistance. This innovation cements Xiaomi as the only domestic car manufacturer with mass-produced, self-developed alloy materials.


The Strategy Behind Xiaomi’s Die Casting Excellence

Xiaomi’s approach to perfection in die casting involves a meticulously designed 9100-ton integrated large die casting equipment cluster system. To ensure absolute reliability, Xiaomi has developed three strategies, including “Large Die Casting A Group,” “Large Die Casting B Group,” and a “Traditional Stamping Plan.”


Xiaomi’s Innovative Advancements in Integrated Die Casting Technology

  • Xiaomi’s Fully Integrated Design of Large Die Casting Equipment Cluster System – This refers to a system where Xiaomi independently designs a large-scale die casting equipment network, emphasizing integration and coordination among different parts of the system.
  • Integrated 9100t Die Casting Cluster Interconnection System – This indicates a system that integrates multiple die casting units, each with a capacity of 9100 tons, to work in a coordinated manner.
  • Integrated Die Casting Cluster PMC Data Application Platform – This platform manages the production, manufacturing, and control (PMC) data for the integrated die casting cluster, likely incorporating data analytics and process optimization.
  • AI-Driven Optimization System for Die Casting Parameters Setting – An artificial intelligence system designed to actively optimize the settings of die casting parameters for improved efficiency and quality.
  • Sealed Aluminum Liquid Automatic Transmission and Quantitative System – This system deals with the automated and precise transportation of molten aluminum in a sealed environment to prevent contamination and ensure consistent quality.
  • 5-Zone 8-Gate Mold Gating System – Refers to a mold design for die casting with five distinct zones and eight gates (inlets), possibly for optimized flow and filling of molten material.
  • Visual Large Model Quality Judgment System – A system that uses visual analysis, likely through cameras or sensors, to assess the quality of large die-cast models.
  • Integrated Die Casting Durability Testing Platform – A platform designed for testing the durability of die-cast products, ensuring they meet certain longevity standards.
  • Integrated Die Casting Compression Safety Testing Platform – This is a testing platform focused on evaluating the safety of die-cast products under compression stresses.
  • Integrated Die Casting Assembly Line Design – This implies the design of an assembly line specifically for die-casting processes, emphasizing efficiency, integration, and streamlined production.


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Conclusion: Join the Die Casting Revolution

As we witness Xiaomi’s strides in super large die casting, it’s clear that the future of automotive manufacturing is here. If you’re inspired by this leap in technology and wish to explore similar innovations, we invite you to learn more about our die casting services. Embrace the future with us and be a part of the manufacturing revolution.


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