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Why Small-batch CNC Machining is an Advantage for Your Business?

Published on: 2023-02-06

CNC-machined parts (small batch production)

CNC-machined parts (small batch production)

Small-batch CNC machining refers small number production of parts with different CNC operations. The production number typically ranges from 1 to 1000. The small-batch nature of this process allows for the production of custom or low-volume parts with high precision without the need for large-scale production runs. Therefore, we provide CNC machining service for small batch prototyping, testing, or full-production runs.


Advantages of Small-batch CNC Machining

The small batch CNC machining is marvelous. It brings perfection and precision to the physical parts or products. Since it is low-volume manufacturing, it is an excellent option for estimating the wastage and feasibility of large-scale production.

1.   Small-scale Production

This approach is well-suited for the development of a customized or new product. Small-batch CNC machining can be a savior if any manufacturer is in the early stages of product development and prototyping.

It eliminates the need for significant initial investments in tooling, which are required in traditional mass production processes. In addition, Designers and small-batch CNC machining manufacturers can validate the design by producing and testing the physical products in real-life applications.

2.   Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability to change or adjust the production process or design easily and frequently without significant investments. Small-batch CNC machining allows for easy changes and adjustments to the production process or design without costly investments in tooling. It offers more flexibility than traditional mass production by enabling quick and easy changes.

3.   Cost-effectiveness

Some companies need to work with prototyping and regular testing, especially manufacturers that respond quickly to changes in market demand and customer requirements. It will be hard to manufacture all components and products in small quantities because of heavy investment for a specialized small batch CNC machining factory. In those scenarios, it is better to outsource the parts from an experienced small-batch CNC machining supplier.

In small-batch CNC machining, the unit cost is often higher than in mass production. But the overall price will be lower due to the lower investment in tooling and equipment.

We also prioritize the use of a single CNC machine for small-batch production. One of the reasons to use a single machine is to avoid transfer from one stage (machine) to the next machine (Muhammad, 2020). As a result, it lowers the time and overall manufacturing cost.

This makes small-batch CNC machining a cost-effective solution for companies that require only a few components or are in the early stages of product development and prototyping.

4.   Less material wastage

Small-batch production typically results in less waste compared to traditional mass manufacturing processes. In mass production, large amounts of material are often used to produce many parts, leading to a significant amount of scrap or waste.

However, small batch production uses only the necessary amount of material to create a smaller number of parts, reducing the amount of waste generated.

In addition, small batch production often allows for greater control over the production process, leading to improved precision and reduced waste. This is because the production process is less automated than in mass production, allowing for more manual intervention and the ability to make adjustments in real-time to improve the final product.

5.   High precision and repeatability

Small-batch CNC machining is known for its high precision and repeatability because it allows using high-precision cutting tools. It can produce components with consistent, accurate dimensions & tolerances and consistently create the same quality over time. It is essential in the aerospace, medical device, and electronics industries, where high precision and repeatability are critical.


Material Options for CNC Machine Small Batch Projects

CNC machine is compatible with a wide range of materials, from metal & alloys to ceramics. However, the following are the common materials for small-batch CNC machining services.

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Titanium
  • ABS
  • Acrylic
  • PEEK
  • PE, PC, PP, and more

We have cutting-edge CNC machines and all the needed equipment to exact your design into physical parts or products.

  • Multi-axis CNC milling machine
  • CNC turning machine
  • CNC routing machine
  • Conventional milling and turning machines
  • CNC Drilling, Reaming, & Tapping
  • CNC EDM & wire EDM


What are the Applications of Small-batch CNC Machining Parts?

We offer wholesale small-batch CNC machining services for industries such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, robotics, and home appliances. Our CNC machining capabilities range from prototyping to full-scale production runs.

Processing of robotics arm

Processing of robotics arm

Electronics Circuit boards, connectors, enclosures, packaging, and MEMS components.
Medical High-precision surgical instruments, such as scalpels, forceps, and retractors, parts for diagnostic equipment, and medical implants
Aerospace Engine components, landing gear components, parts for & control systems, interior, and more.
Automotive Cylinder heads, crankshaft, brake components, gears, and suspension components.
Robotics Arm components (joints, links, & actuators), parts for control systems, grippers, gears, bearings, and brackets, and more.
Home appliances Parts for cooking devices, refrigeration, washing machines, and cleaning appliances.


Specialized Equipment’s for Small-batch CNC Machining

Desktop- CNC mill

Small-batch CNC machining factories or suppliers often consider the specialized equipment and production units for this particular purpose, which are more affordable and user-friendly than large-scale industrial machines.


Desktop CNC mills or routers

These CNC machines are designed for small-scale operations and are typically more affordable than larger industrial CNC machines. They come in a compact design for diverse tasks, including milling, drilling, engraving, and cutting.


Miniature CNC lathes

These machines are ideal for small-batch production and precision machining of small parts. They can handle a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. It can be used for turning, drilling, tapping, and boring.
CNC engraving machines These machines are suitable for precisely marking or etching small parts and materials for various applications, including product identification, labeling, and personalization.


Different CNC Machining Operations for Small-batch Production

According to the shape and size of parts and products, you need different CNC machining services for your small-batch production, which enables the creation of several features, thread, reaming, tapping, and more. After all, it is a more flexible, precise, consistent, and highly accurate automatic machining method (Mamilla, 2016).

Let’s overview key CNC machining services offered by ProleanTech.

  • Milling

CNC milling is standard for small batch production because it allows for quick and efficient production of complex parts and prototypes with high precision. The process is ideal for producing small quantities of parts with intricate shapes and features.

We have advanced 3-,4- and 5-axis CNC milling machines that allow for the easy modification of design parameters. It can produce a variety of different parts with a single machine.

  • Turning

Regardless of the part’s shape and application, our CNC turning machines can create high-quality metallic and plastic parts. We also have a specialized turning unit to produce the parts in small batches, which makes us a competitive small-batch CNC machining manufacturer in the market. The best thing is that turning allows for machining at various angles.

At Prolean, we create complex and precise parts for several industries aerospace, medical devices, home appliances, and automotive. In most cases, we ensure ten days of lead time for small-batch CNC turning projects. However, we also consider the lead time if you have any rush.

  • Drilling

We have cutting-edge CNC drilling machines that can be programmed to produce holes with a specific diameter, depth, and position, making it easy to create various shapes and feature a single CNC operation.

Based on your design and specification, we can combine CNC drilling with other machining processes, such as milling and turning, to produce complete parts with multiple features.


Surface Finishing for Your Small-batch CNC Machining Projects

The parts or products created with CNC machining required surface finishing operations to obtain the desired level of surface roughness. However, sometimes these can be used with an as-machined surface finish depending on specific applications.

We have 50+ surface finishing options for your small-batch CNC machined parts.

  • Sandblasting
  • Bead blasting
  • Grinding
  • CNC brushing
  • Deburring
  • Powder coating
  • Electro & electroless plating
  • Polishing, and many more.


Why Choose Prolean for Small-batch CNC Machining?

ProleanTech is a professional and dedicated (ISO 9001 certified) service provider of CNC machining operations. With our flexibility in parts number and precision, your business can benefit from prototyping, testing, and solutions for numerous manufacturing problems.

We have a specialized factory for small-volume CNC machining parts in Shenzhen, China. Following are the key reasons why you should consider ProleanTech for CNC machine small batch services.

  • Our experienced design engineers review your designs and provide suggestions if required.
  • Regardless of your business’s industry, we can create precise & complex parts and end products. We can be your company’s trustworthy OEM small-batch CNC machining partner.
  • We have engineers with decades of experience and skilled operators to work on your projects.
  • We offer competitive pricing compared to other wholesale small-batch CNC machining manufacturers in china. At the same time, our pricing is significantly lower than the wholesale-small batch CNC machining pricelist offered by manufacturers in USA & Europe.
  • We prioritize customer service to provide a better experience for clients.
  • With our excellent supply-chain system, you will get your small batch order at your door within a few days.
  • We effectively communicate and respond to any concerns or requests professionally.


Summing Up

Small-batch CNC machining is an excellent option for prototyping, customized parts or products, and even full-scale production runs. It can be a game changer for small businesses and start-ups since they cannot afford the high installation cost and professional expertise.

If you need precise, top-quality small-batch CNC machining, look further than the local shops near you. Whether you’re in the UK, Scottsdale, Arizona, or any other location, our top-notch small-batch metal CNC machine shops are ready to deliver the finest results.

So, upload your design and request small-batch CNC machining quotes. Our attention to detail and expertise in the field guarantee that your project will succeed from start to finish.



What is small-batch CNC machining?

It refers to producing a small number of parts with different CNC operations. The number typically ranges from 1 to 1000.

What are the advantages of outsourcing small-batch CNC machining parts?

Outsourcing small-batch CNC machining parts is a cost-effective solution for small businesses that require only a few components or are in the early stages of product development and prototyping. It eliminates the need for extensive tooling, equipment, and professional experience investments.

What are the material options for CNC machine small batch projects?

CNC machine is compatible with many materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, ABS, acrylic, PEEK, PE, PC, PP, and more.



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