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Material Certification Explanation

Published on: 2024-03-22
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The material certifications that we provide to customers come in two types:


Data sheet

The Date sheet is normally issued by a relatively authoritative institution, it defines the material, including both the property data sheet and the composition table, as demonstrated below, this is a sample that we show to our customer

Data Sheet Template

The date sheet consists of three sections, the first section shows basic information about the issue institution, Sample specifications, etc.

Data Sheet section 1

Section 2 demonstrates the determined chemical composition of the sample, usually using a high-precision spectrometer.

Data Sheet Section 2 Chemical Composition

Section 3 shows the Mechanical Properties of the materials,

Data Sheet Section 3 Mechanical Properties


Material Certification

The material certification is normally provided by the material supplier, the main difference between material certification and data sheet is the issued party. The results of material certification are provided based on material batches and are not specifically tested on a certain piece of raw material. Generally speaking, there is not much difference between the two in terms of data.

A material certification includes the material’s properties under the supplier’s letterhead and is stamped, or a report printed by a spectrometer.

Material Certification

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