CNC Slot and Grooving Service

Our CNC Slot and Grooving Service harnesses the power of advanced machining techniques to deliver precision and efficiency. Specializing in Axial, Radial, and Angular Grooving processes, we cater to both External and Internal Grooving needs, ensuring adaptability and excellence in every project.

  • Expertise in Axial, Radial, and Angular Grooving techniques.
  • Proficiency in handling both External and Internal Grooving tasks.
  • A dedicated team of professionals ensuring timely delivery and quality control.
Close-up view of a metallic textured surface (Knurling service) with a slight separation in the middle
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Custom CNC Grooving Service

As shown above, we have experience in various types of grooving and are equipped with the tools and machines for grooving. In actual production, this type of feature processing is often involved. You can contact our engineers or directly upload files to obtain production solutions and quotations.

Common CNC Grooving Applications


• Sealing Surfaces  • Retaining Ring Grooves  • Oil Grooves  • Oil Grooves

• Heat Dissipation   • Surface Preparation  • Tube and Pipe Manufacturing:

• Aerospace Components  • Medical Instruments  • Optical Devices

External and Internal Grooving Service


External Grooving

Our External Grooving process delivers finely tuned cuts on the outer surface of various materials, ensuring that each groove meets the specific requirements of your project.

Key Features:

Processing Features: Smooth surface finishes, consistent groove depths, and uniform profiles.

Materials: Suitable for metals, alloys, plastics, and ceramics.

Tolerances: Maintaining tight tolerances up to ±0.005mm for absolute precision.


Internal Grooving

Specializing in intricate grooving within hollow parts or internal surfaces, our Internal Grooving service guarantees unmatched accuracy and finish.

Key Features:

  • Processing Features: Accurate internal profiles, seamless transitions, and optimal groove spacing.
  • Materials: Expertise in handling metals, high-performance plastics, and composite materials.
  • Tolerances: Precision-focused, achieving tolerances as stringent as ±0.005mm.


Axial, Radial, and Angular Grooving


Grooves parallel to the axis of the workpiece

Axial Grooving involves machining along the axis of a component, often essential for parts requiring linear grooves.

Key Features:

  • Processing Features: Uniform groove depths, linear alignment, and precision spacing.
  • Materials: Suitable for metals, alloys, plastics, and ceramics.
  • Tolerances: Precision is paramount, with tolerances maintained up to ±0.005mm.


Radial Grooving focuses on creating grooves that radiate outwardly from the center of a component, similar to the spokes on a wheel.

  • Processing Features: Perfectly symmetrical radial grooves, consistent depths, and uniform spacing.
  • Materials: Expertise in metals, thermoplastics, and composite materials.
  • Tolerances: Achieving tight tolerances up to ±0.005mm for maximum accuracy.

Angular Grooving is the art of machining grooves at specific angles, offering dynamic groove orientations.

Key Features:

  • Processing Features: Precise angle measurements, consistent depth, and smooth surface finishes.
  • Materials: Adaptable to metals, high-performance plastics, and ceramics.
  • Tolerances: Ensuring optimal precision with tolerances as strict as ±0.005mm.



General FAQ:

What is the CNC Slot and Grooving Service?

Our CNC Slot and Grooving Service is a specialized manufacturing process where we offer precise slotting and grooving applications for various materials, ensuring exact fit and function in assembly and other applications.

Who can benefit from this service?

Industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and machinery, as well as individual project creators requiring specific slotting and grooving on their components, can greatly benefit from our services.

Can I see samples of previous slotting and grooving projects?

Absolutely! We maintain a portfolio of past projects. Feel free to reach out, and we’d be happy to showcase our expertise.

Can I visit your manufacturing facility?

Yes, we encourage potential clients to visit our facility to get a firsthand view of our operations. Please schedule a visit in advance with our team.

Technical FAQ:

What materials are compatible with your CNC Slot and Grooving Service?

We cater to a wide array of materials including steel, aluminum, brass, plastics, and more. For specific material inquiries, it’s best to contact our technical team.

What's the turnaround time for a typical slotting or grooving project?

Turnaround varies based on project complexity and our current workload. Standard projects are often completed within 3-7 days. For precise timelines, discuss your project specifics with our team.

Do you offer custom designs for slots and grooves?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our flexibility to cater to custom requirements. Share your design, and our technical team will evaluate its feasibility.


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