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Top Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers

Author: YiNuo Zhang
Published on: 2024-01-22

“The  Aluminium Extrusion is known for its versatility, precision, and cost-effectiveness. It has gained significant attention due to its quality and affordable aluminum extrusion manufacturing.”

Custom Aluminum Extrusion has emerged as a pivotal process in the manufacturing industry. It offers a unique blend of adaptability, pinpoint accuracy, and economical efficiency in the production of various components.  In this article, we will discuss Aluminium Extrusion and important aspects of this process, its types, benefits, and leading manufacturers in China, like Prolean Tech.


What is Aluminum Extrusion?

Before going in-depth about “Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer – Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer in China”, let’s discuss Aluminum Extrusion. 

Aluminum extrusion manufacturing 

Extrusion is a process in which the aluminum alloy material passes through Aluminium Extrusion Dies along with a special cross-sectional profile, using a powerful ram. Then, this aluminum comes out through the opening. Now, it holds the shape of the die. After that, it pulled out along with the runout table.  At this point, the aluminum extrusion process is comparably simple as squeezing toothpaste. As toothpaste comes out from the tube by applying some pressure, it takes on the shape of the opening of the tube. Similarly, aluminum comes out in the shape of a die. The Aluminum Extrusion Dies types as usually available in angles, channels, and round tubes.


Types of Aluminum Extrusion

Depending on the process, aluminum extrusion is classified into two types, such as;

  • Direct Extrusion 
  • Indirect Extrusion

1. Direct Extrusion

It is the simplest production mode for aluminum extrusion. In this process, the die remains stationary. But the ram forces the billet through the die opening. During this process, both the billet and ram move in the forward direction. That is why, this process is also known as forward aluminum extrusion. 

2. Indirect Extrusion

On the other hand, in indirect extrusion, the billet doesn’t move. While the assembly, present on the end of the ram, moves in the opposite direction of the billet. Due to this, the pressure develops, which is essential for the metal to flow through the die. This pressure helps in pressing the harder alloys and smaller cross-section products. Moreover, the lower pressure allows for a lower pressing temperature. Resultantly, it gives a greater extrusion speed and increases productivity. 


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Top Custom Aluminum Extrusion Companies & Manufacturers

In the aluminum extrusion services domain, a few companies stand out for their innovation, quality, and custom solutions. These manufacturers excel in transforming aluminum into bespoke profiles that meet the exact specifications of various industries. From automotive and aerospace to construction and electronics, their expertise in crafting custom aluminum extrusions plays a pivotal role. They leverage advanced technologies and deep industry knowledge to deliver products that often exceed client expectations. 

Prolean as an Example of Top Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

Prolean is an example of a top custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer, embodying excellence in innovation, precision, and customer-centric solutions. It holds a competitive advantage with a robust commitment to quality and efficiency. 

This company differentiates itself through its adeptness at embracing complex design challenges to deliver tailor-made aluminum profiles that meet stringent industry standards. 

Key highlights of Prolean include:

  • Customization Expertise: Prolean holds the exceptional ability to produce custom extrusions tailored to specific client needs.
  • Advanced Technology: We utilize advanced extrusion and finishing equipment for superior quality.
  • Sustainability Focus: Commitment to eco-friendly practices and materials, reducing environmental impact.
  • Comprehensive Services: We offer a full spectrum of services from design and prototyping to fabrication and finishing.
  • Industry Versatility: Prolean serves diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and electronics.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Dedication to client success, underscored by responsive support and flexible solutions.

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The Process of Custom Aluminum Extrusion

The process of Aluminum Extrusion in China takes place in direct or indirect extrusion. Here the extrusion press available with several power levels, such as at Impol, are in the range of 12.5 to 55-MN. But before starting the extrusion process the cast aluminum rods required to be cut into small pieces. These pieces are known as billets. They decide that the length of each extruded bar will be the same. Consequently, the material will not get wasted. 

Aluminum extrusion process

Aluminum extrusion process

The aluminum extrusion process can be modified according to customer needs. Here, we discuss the six stages of aluminum extrusion.

Stage-01: Preheating of Aluminum Billet and Steel Die

In this stage, the billets are first heated in the gas furnace or induction. This temperature starts from room temperature and goes to extrusion temperature. Moreover, its range varies depending on the alloy and final temperature. From there on, the heated billets must be malleable, in this way, they can acquire the required shape. But they must be firm so, they can sustain the shape even during the transportation process. Then the push bat exerts pressure on these billets and allows them to move towards the die opening. 

Stage-02: Loading of Billet into Extrusion Container

In the second stage, the heated billets, then quickly transfer to the Extrusion press container. Accordingly, they can prevent heat loss. At this stage, the billets are ready to be extruded. Afterward, the ram exerts pressure on them and pushes them towards the opening of the die. 

Stage-03: Extrusion

After passing from the die opening, the billets get into the tool. These die openings can be changed and modified into several shapes and sizes. This stage is just like the cookie press. Here the shaped disc creates several cookie designs. Subsequently, the bars, with the required shape, come out of the press container.

Stage-04: Controlled cooling

Just after Extrusion, the quick cooling of bars, tubes, or profiles, takes place. Hereafter leaving the press, the full bars are then put into the water bath. It guarantees the uniform quenching of heated aluminum. Moreover, this quenching process is essential for the required mechanical properties and adequate microstructure. Thus, to eliminate any danger of material deformation, the cooling process is mandatory.

Stage-05: Stretching of the Bars

After cooling, the bars are cut into the required lengths. During the cutting process, the pullers grab them. These pullers are generally laid over the runout table. They allow the bars to cool down further.  During this phase, the extruded bars go through the strengthening process. This process stretches them and removes the internal tension within the bars and ultimately ensures their mechanical properties.

Stage-06: Cutting and Final Packaging

This is the final stage of aluminum extrusion. In this phase, the strengthened bars are again cut to the required length, which is specified by the customer. So, the aluminum bars have temper T1/T4 properties. But, they need to be with T5/T6/T66 temper.  Furthermore, this aging process again strengthens the bars/profiles or tubes, till they fulfill the mechanical properties of the specified alloy.


Applications of Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion press manufacturers are at the forefront of technology, designing and shaping aluminum into detailed profiles. Their presses are the backbone of the extrusion process, enabling the transformation of aluminum billets into a myriad of shapes and sizes with precision and efficiency.  

Table: Aluminum Extrusion Applications





Chassis, frames, and interior applications

Contribute to fuel efficiency and safety


Window frames, doors, and structural supports

Offers durability and resistance to corrosion


Heatsinks for electronic devices

Critical for dissipating heat


Structural components of aircraft

Benefits from the material’s high strength-to-weight ratio

Renewable Energy

Frames for solar panels and components for wind turbines

Supports the growth of sustainable energy solutions


Heat sinks are another popular application of aluminum extrusion. They are critical for thermal management in electronics, LED lighting, and other heat-sensitive system. Meanwhile, Aluminum heatsink extrusion manufacturers focus on creating profiles specifically designed for heat dissipation applications. Furthermore, you can read more about the Advantages of Aluminium Extruded Heat Sink Solutions in Modern Electronics by clicking here. 

Subsequently, choosing high-quality aluminum extrusion manufacturers is essential for producing extrusions that meet the highest standards of strength, durability, and precision. The reason is that these manufacturers serve industries where the performance and reliability of aluminum components are non-negotiable, such as automotive and aerospace,

Aluminum extrusion parts


Advantages of Choosing a Top Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

Aluminium Extrusion has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we will discuss diverse applications of Aluminum Extrusion and its advantages for choosing it. Choosing a top custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer provides significant benefits crucial for any project’s success. These manufacturers bring expertise, precision, and innovation to the table. So, your extrusion parts meet the highest standards of quality and performance. 

Advantages include:

  • Superior Quality: High-quality aluminum extrusions that meet strict industry standards.
  • Customization: Ability to produce custom profiles tailored to specific project needs.
  • Advanced Technologies: Access to the latest extrusion technologies and processes.
  • Efficient Production: Streamlined manufacturing processes that reduce lead times.
  • Material Expertise: In-depth knowledge of aluminum properties and its applications.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Competitive pricing due to efficient production and reduced waste.
  • Sustainability: Commitment to eco-friendly practices and recycling of materials.
  • Comprehensive Services: From design assistance to post-extrusion treatments like anodizing or painting.
  • Reliability: Dependable delivery schedules and high standards of customer service.
  • Innovative Solutions: Ongoing research and development to improve products and processes.

Moreover, the right manufacturer prioritizes technological excellence. Hence they invest in state-of-the-art extrusion equipment. That ultimately gives precision and efficiency throughout the whole process. Moreover, China’s aluminum extrusion industry is continuously growing. And the ongoing innovations drive technological betterment. It ensures the manufacturer of aluminum extrusion stays at the forefront of extrusion capabilities and meets the new needs of the industry. 


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Summing Up

In summary, custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry. It offers versatility, precision, and cost-effectiveness at wide industrial platforms. China’s abundant resources and large-scale manufacturing facilities also contribute to cost efficiencies. That makes this process, economically feasible. 

So, if you are searching for top-quality custom aluminum extrusion in China, Do not go anywhere, Prolean provides you with the best Aluminum Extrusion Services.  We specialize in low-volume custom extrusion for distinct, small-scale projects. Additionally, we manage large-scale production for standard parts like circular bars, tubes, and square bars.
So, Count on our reliable aluminum extrusion services for both regular and personalized requirements.

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What’s the difference between hot and cold extrusion? 

In hot extrusion, we need to heat the aluminum before shaping it through a die. This makes it easier to shape. On the other hand, cold extrusion shapes the aluminum at room temperature without heating it first. This gives it a finer structure and makes it stronger.

Why select aluminum for extrusion?

Selecting aluminum for extrusion offers numerous advantages. With its lightweight nature, impressive strength, and corrosion resistance, aluminum stands out as an optimal material for a wide range of applications.

What are the benefits of aluminum extrusion?

Aluminum extrusion brings several advantages, including versatility, lightweight design, cost-effective production, high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, excellent thermal conductivity, recyclability, and ease of machining and fabrication.


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