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CNC Machining Trend for 2024

Author: YiNuo Zhang
Published on: 2022-11-16

Since the invention of CNC machining technology in 1949, it has been steadily increasing and servicing a wide range of industries, from simple tools to parts of advanced defense systems such as missiles. The significant advantages of CNC machining technology over traditional methods have made it popular among manufacturers from various industries all over the world.

When comparing CNC machining technology’s current state to 2010, there is a substantial difference in application, technological innovation, accurate production, human resources, and revenues.

In 2010, for example, the supply chain primarily relied on physical communication. In the current situation, virtual communication is taking over all supply chain communication, such as quotation, design discussion, order, and delivery.


Impact of Covid-19

Like other industries, Covid-19 was a hard time for CNC machining manufacturers. Because of the low-economic activity, major industries that rely on CNC machining were forced to reduce their production. For example, According to the research, automotive production declined by 16 % (International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, 2021), impacting CNC machining manufacturers. There was a significant drop in business revenues.

I will discuss 9 important trends in the CNC machining and manufacturing industry for 2023.


E-commerce Trend

In 2023, it will grow more and more because of the continuous growth of the e-commerce trend. Most manufacturers are venturing into e-commerce and dealing with clients online. An online marketplace like Prolean supplies custom parts, tools, and raw materials with transparent pricing. For their parts, various industries worldwide collaborate with CNC machining manufacturers.

E-commerce is not only making transactions more effortless, but it is also aiding the growth of the manufacturing business. The online presence of CNC machining companies provides a clear picture of their ability, services, pricing, and consultation to the client.

As a result, an increasing number of companies are turning to contract manufacturing to avoid the complicated setup of machinery and obtain desirable parts from experts.


Market share

The United States and Europe were major manufacturing players in the early stages of CNC machining technology, but as time passed, the Asia-Pacific area established itself as a manufacturing hub. The Asia Pacific region now accounts for more than 35% of the global market share in 2021 (Computer Numerical Control Machines Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Type, 2020). It is predicted to expand in the upcoming years.

China plays a significant role in the progress of CNC machining and other manufacturing technology, accounting for more than half of the market share in the Asia Pacific. The Rapid industrialization after 1990 in china is the main reason behind the growth of CNC machining technology. Throughout the timeframe, the Chinese government and other manufacturing industries in China have invested billions of dollars in research to make the process cheaper and more advance.

Analyzing the innovation and cost-effectiveness of CNC machining, China will continue to be the dominant player in 2023 and beyond.


CNC machining & EV Trend

As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) grows, EV production is rapidly increasing. We have over 10 million EVs on the road as of now (2022), with a 20% increase predicted in 2023 (BLAGOJCE KRIVEVSKI, 2022)

The trend of EV vehicles will significantly increase the manufacturing of various parts in 2023. CNC machining will be responsible for Lightweight parts with tight tolerances to meet the several requirements of EV. CNC technology is used to create rotary shafts, linear ball bushings, configurable plates, battery sealing & support, and other various parts, and it will become more precise and quick in 2023.


Market size

The market size of CNC machines in 2021 was 56.40 billion, and it is expected to grow with a 10.2% compound annual growth rate to establish 2800 thousand units by 2030. (Computer Numerical Control Machines Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Type, 2020) The 5-axis and 6-axis CNC machines will be more prevalent in 2023 and beyond because of the increasing demand for complex machining operations with high accuracy and quick cycle time.


CNC machining of automotive parts

Following the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, the automotive industry is attempting to move up. According to industry reports, worldwide light vehicle manufacturing units have been exceptional and are likely to grow, resulting in a demand for CNC machining. The growth in 2022 also indicates the market is in that direction.

CNC machining has a wide range of applications in the automotive industry. The demand for CNC machining will increase significantly to produce gearbox cases, transmission housings, cylinder heads, brake drums, rotors, flywheels, and many other parts.


The trend of 3-axis & 4-axis CNC machining

3-axis and 4-axis CNC machines are now widely available, and manufacturers provide a wide range of applications with those machines. In 2023, the trend is expected to shift slightly toward 5-axis CNC machines, whether for milling, waterjet & laser cutting, or other operations. As the trend suggests, precision parts for aerospace, military, medical, and other sensitive sectors will prefer 5-axis machining.


Restructuring of Supply-chain

A few years ago, hiring manufacturers for CNC machined parts from other countries was challenging. It was only popular among large-scale importers. But in recent years, researchers and industries have been targeting low-cost and high-quality parts, no matter where they will be produced or the volume of required parts.

The online presence of contract manufacturers is changing the supply chain structures. In addition, globalization also contributes to the trend of ordering through online platforms. Anyone can go through the internet and order the CNC machined parts for prototyping to large-scale volume.


Carbon Neutrality Trend

Several studies show that the manufacturing industry accounts for around 20% of total global greenhouse gas emissions (Howarth, 2022). As worry about global warming and carbon emissions grows, CNC machining and other manufacturing industries are expected to join the carbon neutrality trend.

The concept of carbon neutrality will compel manufacturers to use renewable energy sources as much as possible. In the current context, renewable energy electricity is expensive in most countries, and it is projected to increase the cost of CNC machining projects slightly in 2023.

However, China is leading in Hydropower, wind, and other renewable energy sectors, and the effect on pricing due to the Zero-carbon policy will be negligible for Chinese manufacturers.


Cyber security

With the growing trend of e-commerce and the online presence of manufacturing companies, there is the risk of cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals have the potential to disrupt the supply chain and ruin the business. CNC machining and other manufacturing service provider could be the target of hackers because of the industry’s low tolerance for downtime.

With the threat of cyber security, more and more IT professionals will be involved in manufacturing service companies in 2023. According to IBM’s X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, ransomware accounts for 23% of all assaults against the sector in 2021.



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