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6 Types of Plastic Dies: Do You Know them All?

Published on: 2023-12-22

“The application of plastic is expanding, and the amount of plastic products is also rising. However, the design and production of plastic products is very complex, and different plastic dies should be used based on the characteristics of different plastic products.

A plastic die is a tool for producing plastic products. In injection molding, the die is clamped on the injection molding machine, the molten plastic is injected into the molding cavity and cooled and shaped in the cavity, then the upper and lower dies are separated, and the product is ejected from the cavity through the ejector system and leaves the die, and finally the die is closed again for the next injection.

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Now, lets discuss the types of mold for plastic molding in depth.


1. Injection Molds

It is the most common type of molding tool used in the production of thermoplastic parts. The corresponding processing equipment for injection molds is the injection molding machine. The plastic is firstly heated and melted in the heated barrel of the injection molding machine, and then pushed by the screw or a plunger of the injection molding machine, through the injection molding machine nozzle and the pouring system of the mold into the mold cavity, the plastic is cooled and hardened, and the product is released from the mold.

Injection mold 

Its structure usually consists of molding parts, a pouring system, guiding parts, a pushing-out mechanism, a temperature regulating system, an exhaust system, supporting parts, and other parts, and the manufacturing is made of plastic mold steel. The injection molding processing method is usually only applicable to the production of products of thermoplastic products.

Application field: plastic products produced by the injection molding process are very wide, from daily necessities to all kinds of complex electrical appliances, auto parts, etc. are all formed by injection molds, it is the most widely used processing method in the production of plastic products.


2. Blow Mold

Blow mold

The equipment corresponding to blow molding is usually called a plastic blow molding machine, and blow molding is only applicable to the production of thermoplastic varieties of products.

Application field: such as beverage bottles, daily chemical products, and other kinds of packaging containers.


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3. Extrusion Blow

The production equipment is a plastic extruder, the principle of which is to melt the solid plastic under the conditions of heating and extruder’s screw rotation and pressure, plasticize it, and make continuous plastic products with the same cross-section as the shape of the mouth die through the specific shape of the mouth die. Its manufacturing materials mainly include carbon structural steel, alloy tools, etc.

Plastic extruder

Application field: A type of mold used to shape and produce continuous-shaped plastic products, also called extrusion molding machine head, widely used in the processing of pipes, bars, monofilaments, plates, films, wire and cable cladding, profiles, etc.


4. Blister Mold

 Blown film extrusion die

It is a kind of mold that uses plastic sheets or plates as raw material to mold some simple plastic products. Its principle is to use the vacuum unfolding method or compressed air forming method to make the plastic plate or sheet fixed on the concave mold or convex mold, in the case of heating and softening deformation and paste in the mold cavity to get the required molding products. The pressure of blister mold is low, so the mold material is mostly made of cast aluminum or non-metal material, and the structure is simple.

Application field: mainly used in the production of some daily necessities, food, toys, and other packaging products.


5. Compression Mold

The equipment for Compression molding is the compression molding machine. The compression molding method is based on the characteristics of plastic, the mold is heated to the molding temperature (generally at 103°108°), and then the measured compression molding powder is put into the mold cavity and filling chamber. When the mold is closed, the plastic is softened and viscous under high heat and pressure, and then cured and shaped into the desired product shape after a certain period.

Compression Molding Rubber Process

Compression Molding Rubber Process

Application fields: Compression injection molds are widely used in encapsulating electrical components. The materials used in the manufacture of compression molds are the same as those used in injection molds.


6. Highly Expanded Polystyrene Molding Molds

It is a mold that applies the raw material of EPS (bead material composed of polystyrene and blowing agent) to mold foam packaging materials of various desired shapes. The principle is that the EPS can be molded by steam in the mold. The materials used in the manufacture of such molds are cast aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, etc.

Application field: mainly used to produce industrial products and packaging products.


Summing Up

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