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Metallic Coating Service

Metallic coatings are a variety of metal-based or alloy-based coatings applied through different processes over metal part surfaces. Some of the common methods are applying the coat using spraying, electrochemically, chemically, or mechanically.

Metallic coating for metals doesn’t require much preparation since metals are good conductors. For materials that are poor conductors of electricity, the surface needs to be prepared first. This can be done through electroless plating or other chemical preparation processes.

The metallic coating gives a metallic shine and glossy finish to any surface it is applied on. The finish is also corrosion, sunlight and oxidation-resistant.

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Specification Of Metallic Coating Service

Specification Detail
Part Material Metals and plastic
Surface Preparation Depending upon part material, standard surface finish or chemically prepared
Surface Finish Shiny and Glossy finish with metallic look
Tolerances Standard dimensional tolerances
Thickness 100μm – 200μm (3937μin – 7874μin)
Color Natural metal color, black or any other color with RAL code or Pantone number
Part Masking Masking available as per requirement. Indicate masking areas in design
Cosmetic Finish Cosmetic finish not available

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