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PPSU(Polyphenylene sulfone resins)

PPSU is used in various sectors because of its lightweight, high toughness, great impact resistance, high heat resistance, chemical stability, transparent color, and wide operating temperature range

PPSU(Polyphenylene sulfonic resins) At a Glance

Process compatibility Applications Tolerances Wall Thickness Max Part Size Strengths Lead Time Price
CNC Mill
CNC Lathe
Accurate Aerospace interior parts, Electronics housing, automotive parts, and medical devices with repeatability.  Not lower than  ±0.25 mm (±0.010″), based on the drawing ( ISO 2768)  Minimum 0.03″ (0.80 mm), but this can change depending on theproportion of the wall thickness to the linear dimension. 200 x 80 x 100 cm High toughness, impact resistance, heat resistance, chemical stability, and lightweight. Minimum 3 days. Not more than 10 days; for all complex parts. $$

Introduction to PPSU (Polyphenylene sulfone resins)

Polyphenylene sulfone resins (PPSU) are lightweight thermoplastic with high toughness and impact resistance. It offers various beneficial Physical, mechanical, and chemical properties such as High heat resistance, chemical stability, machinability, transparent color, and an extensive working range of temperature.

PPSU is suitable for manufacturing aerospace interior parts, Electronics housing, automotive parts, medical devices, and many more.